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It's about Bangalore !!!

Hi Folks, This Blog is not technical, but about my new destination, Bangalore. Earlier I have worked in three different cities Jabalpur, Kochi and Mangalore but Bangalore seem different. The first thing you will notice about this city is It's awesome weather. If you have been in Bangalore, no need to explain it to you. When I reached Bangalore in the morning and put my first step on the Road, a cold breeze of Air has welcomed me with all its warm affection towards the newcomer. I must say, It was a pleasant morning, even after a tiresome journey from Mangalore to Bangalore. I found this city as Blend of different cultures and everything is going in Harmony. There are people from every corner of India. They celebrate every festival with the same Joy and Happiness what you find in your place. Currently, the Ganesha Chaturthi festival is in celebration here and its surprise to see the same ebullience and exhilaration as in Maharastra towards Bappa(Lord Ganesha). Further, I wa