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Disk warning: The file system is full

Issue: Your server file system's disk space is full and you get such email from cPanel: The file system /dev/sda3, which is mounted at /usr, has reached warn status because it is 93% full. Server: Primary IP: XXX.XX.XX.XX Notification Type: diskwarn Filesystem: /dev/sda3 Mount Point: /usr Percentage Full: 93% Fix: One solution of this issue is straightforward but tedious procedure that you can increase the disk space value at the mount point /usr. But, before that one simple fix you can try. You can check whether logs are consuming more space as sometimes logs are not rotating in the server. If so, you can delete/remove the old logs and enable the log rotation to resolve the issue. In my case, I could see that system logs present under the directory "/usr/share/locale/" were consuming the 12 GB space in the server. I have moved the system log file to different file system having much space available. You can also delete the logs if its n