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cPanel changes through shell commands

Contact Information & Preferences Change the email address inside of cPanel for alert emails. # grep CONTACT /var/cpanel/users/username Modify the above lines in the users file and run: /scripts/updateuserdomains Email Notification settings Modify the below lines to affect emails being sent on quota hits. # grep notify /home/username/.cpanel/contactinfo Change Style # grep RS /var/cpanel/users/username Change the above line and run /scripts/updateuserdomains Change Language # grep LANG /var/cpanel/users/username Change the above line to the language of choice and run /scripts/updateuserdomains Change Owner # grep OWNER /var/cpanel/users/username Owner should be set to root for a shared account or the reseller user for a reseller/resold account. Run /scripts/updateuserdomains after making any changes to the owner. Email Accounts List all Email accounts. # user=ausisdha; gawk -F":" '{ print $6 }' /home/$